Uninstall Avast – How to Remove Avast?

Computer security is gaining a lot of importance in today’s times when cyber crimes are increasing. Avast antivirus software helps your device free from any virus that can affect your computer or any malware functions that can harm your device or computer. The avast antivirus will help with overall security for your computer. The avast antivirus security software will include a password manager, an excellent network security manager, a browser, independent protection against dangerous URLs, and other security features. This software is available for free. The avast is a comprehensive security guide for your computer.

The Avast security, which is available online, is extended to chrome and Firefox also. The online security tracks all the advertising trackers which are present on the site. It will display the number of advertiser trackers, as well as it will be displayed on the toolbar. By clicking on the button or the icon, you will get the history and a summary of the advertisements, social media, and web trackers. After the installation of Avast, it will block mostly all the trackers. There will be a time when you would want to cancel Avast subscription.

The Avast subscription cancellation through Avast subscription:

  • First, try to sign in to the Avast account
  • If there is difficulty to log in, then select the subscription file
  • Find the Avast subscription which you desire to cancel.
  • If you cannot find the subscription on my subscription screen, try to unsubscribe from the mobile subscription or look for the subscription device.
  • Click on unsubscribe, where you want to cancel the subscription.
  • Select all the unsubscribe from the future renewals
  • Subscription will expire on the given date
  • Click on confirm button

If you are still unable to cancel Avast subscription, then again go to the Utility and uninstall

  • First Download at avastclear.exe on your computer
  • Then you will need to start Windows in the Safe Mode.
  • Next, Open or execute the uninstall Utility.
  • Then check that If you have installed Avast in which folder.
  • Then click on the default,
  • Browse for it.
  • There are times when the content of any folder which you have chosen will be deleted.
  • Now Click REMOVE.
  • Then Restart your computer.

The steps will show you how to cancel Avast subscription through the app store

Firstly, check that you are signed in to the app store with a google account. The google account should be the same as what you have used to purchase the Avast subscription.

  • Next, on the home screen, click on the play store.
  • Next, tap on the icon of subscription, which is present in the left-hand corner.
  • Select the Avast subscription that you need to cancel
  • Click on the subscription, and the subscription will cancel
  • Click on the cancel again to ensure that your subscription is canceled.

The steps in this article only apply to subscriptions that are purchased through the App Store. If you have purchased all your Avast subscriptions through a different sales website as the only official Avast website, follow the above mentioned steps.

The alternative method to cancel avast subscription is to call their customer support which will help you and guide you to cancel this subscription. You can connect to their customer support team only when you have purchased the Avast subscription through digital portals like digital River or NExway. If the purchase was not made through any digital portals, try to contact customer support to cancel your subscription. You need to select the relevant tab of Digital River or Nexway then do the procedure.

  • Firstly open the email that ensures the subscription by finding your order ID of Avast
  • Then find your password and order ID.
  • Open the Avast portal.
  • Enter the order ID and the password
  • Select the subscription
  • Click on unsubscribe
  • Select unsubscribe from the future renewals.
  • Let my subscription expire on the day.
  • Click on confirm.’
  • Click on got it

Your subscription will be canceled.


You can also cancel the Avast subscription through customer support by finding your order ID and the password from the email. In this email, you will find the contact details for their customer support. The customer support team is beneficial. Once the Avast subscription is canceled, you will not be able to use this software. There is usually a refund policy when you want to unsubscribe. The uninstalling of Avast is very simple after the unsubscription is done.

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